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Improvement idea for Druid

As the "designated" healing class of the game, one would expect the druid to have the lowest dmg output. Granted druids can survive probably longer than warriors in some situations, but the lack of dmg makes it very difficult to lvl, unless you can find a strong group close to your level. With that in mind, I have been pondering some ideas to help improve the druid class. So here is my golden egg:

It's a 2 step deal,

1)Seperate Nature abilities as the healing/buffing skills, and create a new ability "Dark Nature" as designated attack abilities.

2)Have a very low cost skill that allows Druids to increase "Dark Nature" ability by 50 (maxed) for say 15 seconds.
Edit:: after some more consideration, i was thinking it could use hp to fuel the extra dmg-we are after all our own best friends in terms of healing.

My reasoning for it is this: While in a party, there is already PLENTY of damage output so a healer is needed, but when soloing druids are almost handicapped with the lack of strength in dmg output. This would allow a druid to switch "sets" of skills on the shortcut slots and allow a bit more versatility for soloing. This also means that druids won't have to to spend 50% of their time just trying to level "Dark Nature" abilities. I am NOT expecting the druid to able to match a mage or rogue in terms of dmg, but druids def need some sort of boost.

Thoughts? Other ideas?
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Re: Improvement idea for Druid

I agree with the thought that we they need more power. Dark Nature ability would be a good way to do it. I don't know what your talking about with the 50 for 15 sec though. Lightning strike didn't give us enough power as it's description says. It's expensive, takes forever to reload (interruptions), and is weak. Giving us a powerful killing spell won't overpower us. Mages have a few good defensive skills, we need a few offensive skills. Strangling Vines is all we got.
On a completely different note; will we get an offhand item? Our sad slow staffs take up both our hands. I understand that realistically, swinging a staff effectively would take 2 hands so maybe put wooden rings that give boosts (such as rondels, quivers) in our offhand slot.
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Re: Improvement idea for Druid

my thought was with the 50 for 15 secs idea that it is basically a dmg booster. Since all current skills are based off of lvl of the skill and proficiency (ability) this would give a temporary boost to dmging skills.

I also feel like the power of lightning strike is ok, but the cooldown is much too long.

I also like the idea of adding something to the offhand slot-rings that add bonuses to the staffs are a great idea.
New to the game? Find your answers here: Tips for Beginners

“A man only becomes wise when he begins to calculate the approximate depth of his ignorance.” -Gian Carlo Menotti

Re: Improvement idea for Druid

This could be solved by an increased range of weapons

if we had a wooden club skill that only used one hand then we could use tower shields (pre update ones anyway)
the increased armour would definitely help us to win solo fights
but would do nothing to solve our susceptibility to having our kills stolen

if we had access to staves better than the varients of the grand staff, staves with competitive levels of damage
then we could kill monsters by smacking them in the face with a large peice of wood
the way it is supposed to be done
our spells would support us in doing that rather than being our main offense
and there would be no need to embrace the dark side as you worryingly suggest

Re: Improvement idea for Druid

Another idea would be for staffs to have ranged damage (firebolt staff) of some sort. We could at least attack whilw enemy rooted.

Also at lvl 50 i tried 125 Pts in dexterity thinking i could maybe use a shortbow. With no way to train bow skill at all, this proved to be horribly ineffective. It would be really cool to use a weapon effectively from range.


Re: Improvement idea for Druid

i spent a while around lvl 30 using a steady cutlass

i have like 60 dex, so the cutlass being quicker and doing a lot more damage when it occasonally hit than the staff
it made sense
plus the reinforced tower shield helped keep me in the fight longer

that all changed when i got my solid grand staff
and moved into the deeper catacombs, where i needed my weapons skill in order to counter the high monster's weapon skill's

i think what i am saying is that using high effect weapons with which we are not trained is ok against grunt mobs
but high lvl mobs and bosses require a high weapon skill to hit them

my staff skill is now lvl540 and i have 60 str so i do 20-40 damage and hit often but slowly
so the cutlass and tower shield have been demoted to the status of pre update relics

Re: Improvement idea for Druid

I was talking in my clan today about the druid class. My main class is druid and I only use it in boss battles to heal my team mates. And all I get in return is some coins and 0xp. My druid is lvl 48.
One of our members said to me: "If they combine root spell and thorn it would be better and also add dmg to lightning." I think the first suggestion was great.
But I was also thinking off removing the druid and put a life stealer type in to the game. So the druid will be more offensive.

-A skill that deals X dmg overtime
-A skill that deals X dmg steals X mana and you will get 35% of that mana in return.
-A skill that deals X dmg and you will get 45% health in return.

-A skill that heals the target player for X hp and you will lose 135% of that amount.

For the protective side of the druid I think it will be better to pass this on to the mage.

With this in my head I think it will be so more fun being a druid than just target one player who has all the agro and keep spawning your heal skill. Or tying to solo monsters while the best druid armor in the castle is still worse than the embossed chain that every class can wear.
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