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Re: Regenleif's Guide to Druiding (Updated)

Stabbington wrote:Thanks for the informative guide, and sorry to resurrect it. But, i recently made a druid and had some follow up questions, mostly about totems. Stonevale Farms (for the totem skill) is past shalemont ravine, correct? So, would it be possible for my lvl 12 druid to make a run for it or could i get the skill from a higher level who made it to the farm? I have a lvl 40 warrior who purchased the wolf totem from shalemont, but not having the totem ability is kind of useles to use it. Anyways, thanks for the guide and the willingness to help. I would have started my druid on different server if i would have been thinking.

Totem is an ability, so no, a higher level can't get it for you, as for being able to run there, unless you have a mount or hero boots i doubt you'll be able to make it to the farm.

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Re: Regenleif's Guide to Druiding (Updated)

Bump. Just so you know otm, im going to bump this until it gets stickied. It is as good or better as other guides you have stickied and there is no reason that i cn see that this shouldn't be.
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Re: Regenleif's Guide to Druiding (Updated)

Solumbum wrote:Bump. Just so you know otm, im going to bump this until it gets stickied. It is as good or better as other guides you have stickied and there is no reason that i cn see that this shouldn't be.

I concur as a new (now LVL70) Druid (main and only character) the info in this guide is priceless.

Thanks Regenleif for putting it together
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Re: Regenleif's Guide to Druiding (Updated)

sooo im wondering if a dps druid is worth pursuing
i started a mini druid and got him some woven silverleaf i had in bank and a helm of wanderer (didnt have the woven helm)
i know about gear and stuff

my stats i already did what you said by chance (oo lucky me)
skills..this is what im concerned about
for dps my vines keeps getting interrupted <--very annoying
plus the damage isnt even that high with strike maxed, swarm with a few points and vines with a few points
also put a enough in roots because i hate getting interrupted
i level with a friend who also made a mini spear ranger
hes about 5 levels higher than me but his auto is the same as my strike and his skills do more damage
he has some lux but it doesnt affect his damage
he has hero ammy, hero gloves, and anc spear, his armor i think is just the embossed trash in shop plus tanned highroad pants which i gave him (had a bunch)

soooo my questions are:
1. is a dps druid worth pursuing?
2. if it is what am i doing wrong lol

btw my new druid is not the one listed in my sig
hes a different guy (secret :twisted: )
lvl 21 atm
i can get whatever gear possible if i want to but i need build help
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Re: Regenleif's Guide to Druiding (Updated)

Thanks Regenlief!, I've taken your guide & adapted for my build. it is a must read for any druid.
just incase any other druid wants to try my adapted 'tank' druid:
I have maxed Lightning Strike, Natures Touch, Natures Embrace.
I have partially upgraded these skills: Shield of Bark, Sanctuary, Natures Breath, Meditate
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