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Re: h2h with offhand vs Totem with offhand

My suggestion: H2H with damage food (bara/sunshine) until level 175 when you get DL totem. Ideally you'd want to be either lixing with a Super/Hero Combo or Heroic Haste. H2H with just a normal haste item (ring/gloves) also works as the H2H is fairly quick with just a 30% haste item. You'll also need to stack elemental resist items as you have no main hand weapon, the damage food doesn't stack/multiply nearly as well, but the added damage is great in between casts.

Items to use: Offhand elemental weapon (axe of triumph/conquest) Golden blade etc. Earthstone greaves/chest piece. Elemental damage lux helm, level 140+ elemental damage bracer, elemental dragon charm or Earth charm for vines/LS adds. Rings, I typically try to max LS and skills over using Aggy damage rings. Once you're 175, you can take the same concept but switch over to DL totem. You'll definitely want to use a heroic haste/super combo at a minimum in order to maximize the added melee damage. Remember that the totem melee damage isn't your main damage, rather your supplemental damage in between casts/evasions of skills. Always use damage food while lixing.

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