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how many skills do you have on your deck? ;)

my druid finally reached 220 a few months back and i've been perfecting its swaps and gear since. i,m now able to hot-swap enough that i have 8 maxed skills and my final skill (9th skill) is 46/50 (improvements are yet to come just struggling to get the upgrades). i was wondering if any other druids from other servers have tried this/currently do this or if i,m the only one sweaty enough to do this xD. currently im the only druid on Epona to use this many skills and whilst many say it is impractical, i disagree strongly. what isn't satisfying about turning ur average player into a tank? maxed bark, abundance, a ward if possible, embrace, bless and winds plus nt and nb (nt currently hits 4.8k and nb 3.4, which is pretty impressive bearing in mind i still manage to use plenty of other skills on top)

also if anyone could suggest wierd and wonderful items that i could add to my hotswap list it would be greatly appreciated :)

for anyone that is interested i currently use; bark, touch, breath, embrace, bless, magic ward,slash ward, abundance and my winds is 46/50 i also rock a 3% hp kite which i wanna upgrade and ofc t8 cg offh

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