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Gele bash glitch

Has this been fixed? Im talking about where if you bash gele just before the type appears where he casts barrier he will freeze but then the type appears and he casts barrier while frozen (bashed) and then no bash will stop any barrier after that happens.
Hope i explained that right. I seem to remember that it was patched but im hearing otherwise now. So which is it?
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Re: Gele bash glitch

Wait this is a glitch? Lel this has been causing so much drama in the game since 2014 I figured it was just a part of the raid at this point.
Nice to see that it’s beint fixed/changed though :)
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Re: Gele bash glitch

Good to see it's changed. I don't call it as a fix because it can be dealed with. That gave grifers a chance to make gele shielded.

But I'd rather see a fix on when gele moves and dps can't hit it so we have to switch sides. It's rarely happens but happens.

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