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Re: Druid 36 with major power regen issues

Druid energy issues has been a constant bane.... There really is no good way around it, and it will only get worse as you increase in level and passive items (energy regen jewelry, etc) can’t keep up with increasing costs of skills.

Some ways that can help:
- meditate is alright, someone suggested energy harvest but energy harvest has a terrible gain/cost ratio and won’t work on many mobs (as they don’t have energy). Meditate is put on hold during combat, so once you kill the mob it starts regening again without you having to recast. The cost of using meditate over a damage/healing spell is significant however
- Tavern works, they added a leystone so you can pop in/out. It’ll be annoying, but I know many who did this.
- In shalemont there is a quest where one collects milkstalks in exchange for energy potions, this may be the best option as you’re likely training in shalemont
- Pets/Mounts won’t help much at all, save your tokens for the highest tier. I personally haven’t invested in a high tier pet/mount yet, waiting for a perfect druid-specific one!
- the daily rewards include energy elixirs, take advantage of that
- the heroic amulet of health and energy regeneration is fantastic, save up for that

Good luck :) be sure to read the guides in the Druid Forum!
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Re: Druid 36 with major power regen issues

As a druid I'd recommend getting the hero energy ammy Rather than the hero vigor amm. It's half the cost and u only lose out on the HP side. Boost to energy and e Regen are equal to the vigor ammy. As far as bunnies I'd 100% go with getting the cheapest one while you lvl ( brown) even if u have to trade it in at lvl 215+ for a Better pet, you only lose 16 tokens for 180 ish lvls of use which in my opinion is still a good trade. Later, as u can afford it, buying energy sigil crates would also help a ton as those increase your passive Regen out of combat so u can have much shorter times to regen.
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Re: Druid 36 with major power regen issues

Agree with many of the suggestions here, plus a couple:

- Heroic Energy Amulet (not Vigor) - half the cost and Druid's can self-heal so don't need the health regen
- Brown rabbit - bought with bounty favors
- Lux offhand items - there are offhand items Druids can buy that give energy regen; save up for them for sure
- Meditate - Yes, go ahead and put points into it; use Roots/Lightning/Vines/Nature's Touch and Meditate
- Train up your Cooking skill so you can cook food that restores energy and/or boosts energy regen
- Lastly, yes - use the Tavern trick. If you are fighting close to a leystone, jump to Tavern between fights, fill up, jump right back.

I once struggled with the same issue as you. It's no fun if you're out of energy all the time; at least for me. So I was okay giving up some other skill to invest in Meditate, for example. I did all of the above and it made playing bearable again.

Re: Druid 36 with major power regen issues

Sorry to necro; however, as a newer player, I found the info given here valuable. That said, for any other new druids looking into energy management, I must echo the suggestion to train cooking. For about 30 minutes of time, as well as a couple thousand gold, you can cook broths that allow for instant energy restoration, while in combat, or otherwise. Took me a while to figure out what to do regarding energy, and this has worked best for me, thus far. It's basically: cook broth (and bread, for health - saves energy, as no need to use ability heals) then grind a few levels. Useful timed energy regen from cooking doesn't appear to come until higher level cooking; however, the instant regen foods (again broths) restore 370 energy at cooking 70. I, also, use the tavern if near a leystone. Anyway, just my experience as f2p... :)
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Re: Druid 36 with major power regen issues

BRONNbubs wrote:I prefer the pig to rabbit.. The heal is just like embrace and the mana boost does not depend on pets ability.. I find it better for druids.

Couldn't find sufficient info on hare vs pig, so I just went with the hare. Wish I coulda found hard stats on the two.
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