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Druid 36 with major power regen issues

Hello all...

New to the game and giving the Druid a try. So far so good as i melt mobs pretty easy with my Strangling Vines.

However, i am now facing with significant power regen issues. I do have a decent power pool as all my stats went to focus (except 50 in vitality) so i can easily farm about 10 mobs my level without a break. But then...when my power pool is down, it takes literally minutes of waiting to get back on. Not very efficient.

So far I didnt invest skill points in Meditate. Would it be worthwile for the short and long term?

I also have 1 blue token (from bounties) so i could get the first tier hare pet. Would that also be a significant improvement? My plan was to wait and get the top tier but if the first one would already be significantly useful I may go that route.

I also understand that sigils would help but i plan to buy thise with gold later on. So not an option for now.

Anyway, any suggestions are welcomed.

Ps: my gear is pretty low. No power regen on it.

Re: Druid 36 with major power regen issues

Edit: I would suggest saving enough money to afford a Heroic Amulet of Vigor (180k in shalemont Ravine Lux Shop, around 130k if buying it from players) since that regen will massively help your energy problem.

The game is harsh on new players with the lack of early regen items leading to energy problems, but that amulet should help really help with reducing the wait time on your energy and life points in the long run. There are also other jewelry and amulets available at lvl 100, but those are a bit pricier.

I don’t suggest putting any skill points into meditate as it will take away skill points from better skills. Energy elixers will also help a ton if you’re also using an Experience Elixer and trying to increase your level.

This is a good post below about making gold if you need help getting enough gold to afford good regen items:


Re: Druid 36 with major power regen issues

Rabbits don’t help too much for energy regen, but they are better than nothing. I personally would recommend putting some points in meditate if the regen situtation gets really annoying for you. You can always buy a book of alteration from a player later on in the game and change your skill point distribution as you get more energy regen.
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Re: Druid 36 with major power regen issues

Energy harvest. I'm no druid but if energy is a real struggle for you than I suggest you invest a little into that skill. Better than meditate as you gain energy in combat. Go for a rabbit pet obviously, the energy regeneration works really well early on, just don't spend gold on pet tokens and instead use bounty tokens. Lux obviously helps, but only buy if you can afford to.
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