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A Big Thanks

After doing gelebron no problems, our server Fingal decided to do the big plant. What a mistake that was.. who woulda thought though. So after getting 71 people to log for this plant (Was posed to be our fastest kill ever). As soon as the root was pulled massive lag strikes 98+% of the players and we all wiped, then tank wiped solely because of lag. While it seems lag free on other bosses.. the plant is not. A waste of time, consumables, and a blow to moral of thoughts that game might actually be fixed. Well it's not. As there wont be any reimbursement for the lix or food I'm sure. While canceling plans is a "personal problem", reasons for not being able to kill it are bogus, take it down, spray Raid on it. Do something. I wont waste my time there again until I'm told 100% that its fixed.

While I'm complaining, my point also if you haven't tried it yet, don't try it, atleast not yet you'll be in for a disappointment. There's people who can't even log yet or have any mobs or npcs so idk why I'm so surprised.

Using S9+ and S7 both froze solid

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