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Re: Update on current performance issues

Klgodsey wrote:I have no idea which server I was on. When I log in now, I have to create a new character and it offers me no server options. This program should be more stable than this. I’ve lost EVERYTHING. This includes all of the advances I’ve paid a lot of money for.

Go ahead through the character creation screen with your old login info and it should show you what server it's starting you on, tap it and it should come up with the server list with all your old character and stuff.

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Re: Update on current performance issues

I , Moira Brown , am disgusted with what you people at Virtual Realms have done to this game. You obviously do not know the game code or language. ,Your fiddling with the game code has made this game unplayable for a lot of people. ,I am a veteran player , my login name is RustyBolts , check my account , I have spent thousands of my very hard earned dollars on this qreat game. ,But since Virtual Realms took over , this game is CRAP

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