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Re: Update on current performance issues

Alchemist123 wrote:OTM made a huge marketing mistake by rolling out this update with double plat, that's for sure. People who are grumpy because the game is choppy and slow and crashes aren't gonna buy much platinum. And you aren't likely to be tempted to buy it if you can't play.

A lot of people already bought plat not knowing the game would be virtually unplayable for a week (possibly longer). I've heard devs say this was a needed thing to do. I don't agree with that. They could have added double plat and waited until they had a better understanding of the system ui. Must be nice for those who have iPhone X and XS and don't have lag because they have twice the ram as my phone. I'm pretty livid about this to be honest. I fully expected a day or two for them to adjust and update the game but did not at all expect to just go to castle and be unable to even scroll through the auction house due to so much lag that the game is causing me to click on the wrong item, then I have to wait 10-20 seconds for the lag to stop and sometimes it doesn't stop it just stalls out entirely. Have to close the game out every few minutes just to go from one map to the next.
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Re: Update on current performance issues

Hi there. I've been playing CH for close to five years now and have spent a couple thousand dollars at the item shop.This game , imao , is by far the best mobile MMORPG that I've played. I ,like a lot of other players , am really frustrated that the game is unplayable at this time. The fps drop is so bad that my toons can't be controlled , all I can do is stand still and chat with friends. Now ,I do realize that you folks at OTM are working overtime trying to fix the problem and for that I am grateful. I'm doing my best to be patient , but at this point I just needed to vent my frustration. Thanks for a great game.

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Re: Update on current performance issues

Game is working really good at the moment. Running Android 7.1ish and Lenovo Motorola e4. Only issue since update is some of the graphics are really blocky in stonevale. And the music in stonevale was choppy. But Id rather have bad graphics and no lag than non stop lag and occasional crappy graphics.
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Re: Update on current performance issues

Klgodsey wrote:On Wednesday, Nov 21, my app froze at the loading screen. This continued for 3 days until I finally deleted and reinstalled the app. When I logged into the app my character and all of its progress was gone. What can be done to correct this?

Double check that you’ve selected the correct server.
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