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Re: Issues with the Unity Update? CLICK ME!

Friend having trouble logging in... she asked me to report it. She gets stuck at the loading screen before she logs in, and has waited about fifteen minutes or more in that screen and nothing changed. I don't know what device exactly she uses, all I know is its an iPhone.

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Re: Issues with the Unity Update? CLICK ME!

Everything reported on android in beta and since is still a problem for me, and now I can't go see lixs when I'm using them. I have to just try to guess if they worked and are still active, and test by trying to use the same kind again and see if I get an error message. Water is still flashing black, still freeze n crash in carrow and during all engagement with mobs n bosses, still have to reboot the device to clear the freezes, still have the image of my toon zooming in so large it covers the entire screen and I can't see or control what I'm doing (really great when bossing or lixing) and then out again randomly, all plants and tree limbs n leaves look like a plant or leaf or limb drawn on a much bigger rectangle and standing on the ground or up in the trees....you get the idea.

Re: Issues with the Unity Update? CLICK ME!

Hi sorry no ss, I have posted ss before and the same problems as before are still here I’m afraid.
From the missing icons for my mount or lix’s to the staggering along some areas such as Carrow or Arcane (these kill me idols idols idols)
Sometimes I cannot click on my alt or other teams members (even with filter other players off)
On my iPad mini the areas are a lot darker than on my phone or iPad Pro, even with lighten up high.

The lag it’s self is still here with me but on one device not quite so bad though the iPad Pro is almost back to the way it was before.
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Re: Issues with the Unity Update? CLICK ME!

Game is still messed up for a lot of ppl!! Devices are getting heated up like crazy. Me personally even get bad wifi connection once in game. Whats the use VR improved the graphics if everyone needs to adjust game to minimum graphics in order not to freeze? Fix it! On fingal we already aborted bt 2 times because of the lag. U can count 50-60ppl losing 3-4 lixes par attempt. Will that be compensated VR??? Or are u just stealing our money?

Re: Issues with the Unity Update? CLICK ME!

I still have lags that make the game inoperable but they are much rarer.

They now only occur when a lot of characters move rapidly - and then the game grinds to a halt making play impossible.

Example: on lich boss circle - everyone runs toward circle , game lags. Impossible to know if I’m in the circle or not. Lag disappears - I am dead.

Example : Bloodthorn root spawns. Everyone rushes to jump the root. Game lags. Root kills everyone.

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Re: Issues with the Unity Update? CLICK ME!

Still no fix for invisible mobs/npcs/mailboxes, 2 weeks passed...Guys, I really tried all that's from my side in case it was problem in device, but other ppl reported problem as well, i made sure to reset and delete all files(even wiping deep memory), and when redownloaded, everything remains the same, it's not the problem in old file messing the update, but the update itself that have a problem that won't work... Please, help us...Investigate and solve, we would really like to start playing again :/

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Re: Issues with the Unity Update? CLICK ME!

Still have an issue? Yes, quite a few. Often it's ok, but I'll list what I can - Fingal
If you are still having the same issue at this point, reply to this thread with the following:
Device (iPhone 5S, Galaxy S8, etc): Google Pixel 2 XL
Operating System: Andriod 9
Where in game you were when you encountered your issue (Character Select, Global Arena, etc): a few things. I was at 170/6 in carrow and it was mostly ok. Towards the end when we were lock battling to stay alive I just froze, sreng was across the room frozen, then next few seconds he's on top of me, but we are all still frozen. By frozen I mean lagging, not the skills. Also a 4th player was trying to run to help us, kept freezing and returning to the ley. I finally saw him enter the room, and he just flew across the room into the wall.
Earlier today we were gathering for Bloodthorn. Started to kill South root, but couldn't get swaps to load fast enough, and lagging heavily. Eventually we just gave up. I'm sure we were 20 strong, but half or more were frozen no skills going off.
Hrung in murky was ok for me just now. A few little freezes, but another toon said he couldn't get across the bridge.

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