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problem when starting

i try to enter game it loads then when i reach the point when to choose the character and enter game,i click in enter game then start loading for some seconds then i go off celtic heroes and celtic heroes application shut down.
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Re: Game crashes

Server : Lir
Android, Samsung Galaxy S6
It is extremely laggy, not just for me, but for all my clannies as well. One clannie (don't know his device) gets logged out Everytime he tries to use map to go to different area. But mostly the lag. Oddly enough, the lag is slightly less when all fashion is removed
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Re: Game crashes

Xsyklz wrote:iPhone 6 iOS 8.4.

Crashes upon trying to move. In arcane sanctum. All my graphics are the lowest. I can sign in and enter but pressing anything or moving makes the game crash instantly.

I have iOS 10.0.2 iPhone 6, same issue as you described

Re: Game crashes

How am i able to play PUBG on high graphic settings flawlessly using a 1.6ghz octa core 3gb tablet but cant even stay logged in for minute on CH without the game crashing on the lowest possible graphic settings.

A mobile game thats not even optimized for mobiles or tablets.. nice. I see the beta was successfull, good update. Good job killing your already small player base.

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Re: Game crashes

Ok so I’ve found out if I click the button reset character, it will let me logging and move across the draw bridge but as soon as I get into the door way at the end of it automatically crashes. Also when I goto first let in castle it crashes.
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Re: Game crashes

S7 here, way too laggy to play or even enjoy logging, lag is worse at bosses but still have lag the entire time, the items in the auction house that are new have no names, theyre just blank, my friend Dark Heroine of fingal has no mobs or any characters in game so she can't do anything. Too many problems that should have been fixed first instead of trying to take advantage of the double plat sale and hype with new chests to make money

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