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Re: Update

Dark wrote:Anything new on beta or is it just a software update?

There are some new things coming with the update. I would suggest talking some time to read topics on the forum.
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Re: Update

Romeo wrote:I was gunna ask this myself. The only things I know about are graphics update, new mounts, lock penalty gone. If there's anything else I don't know, can anyone add to this?

Graphics update: sort of. It may not be very noticeable on some devices.

New mounts: yes, there is a new Tiger mount, as well as new versions of all mount types (Spirit mounts) that can be received by trading in 2 maxed out silver mounts of the same type.

Lock penalty gone: no clue where you heard this, as far as I’m aware, lock penalties are still a thing. They changed the system so that the lock penalty doesn’t get worse for players over 220 (so a level 220 and level 230 are penalized the same amount), but I’m pretty sure that came out in the last patch a few months ago?

Keep in mind all that follows is from the beta, and may not be in this next update.

There are also new fashion, new premium pets (Phoenixes, semi-rare drops from chests), new rare mini bosses that spawn in various zones that drop some sweet new gear that procs or gives skills), a slightly updated tutorial, a drastically changed UI, and also major changes to the arena. The arena is now a cross server location. Players from any server can enter the arena together and fight in mega battles. Important things to note are that all chat is limited to the arena (people on your server can’t talk to you, whether that’s whisper or clan chat). Also trading and friending is disabled. There’s a few other things, but this is the basics of what happened in the beta. When the update comes out (hopefully in another week or so) there will be in-depth patch notes released, and that will have the final word on everything.

Please note that this stuff was just tested in the beta, and may not actually come out in the next update. Some stuff (like the new UI) may come out later, after all the bugs are worked out.
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