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Re: Locked sooooo quick

Cyprus wrote:
Bitey wrote:I just wanted to throw this out there for consideration: do you know of any game that has ever published a 5 year plan publicly for its users to see?

Ummm 99% of the games I play don’t need to as they keep updating,new events, weekly events, great communication what’s coming next etc etc

If all I ever heard upon entering work every morning was a bunch of crybabies crying, I wouldn't be very motivated yet vr has been putting in work. From what I've seen on forums with the CONSTANT REPETITIVE BARRAGE of the exact same complaints day in and day out, you're lucky they haven't scrapped this game all together. Don't think it's possible? I've seen it happen. I wonder how many of you whiners can accomplish even mundane everyday tasks. Ever had a flat? Lol

Re: Locked sooooo quick

I think this thread has gotten its point across, and is crossing the territory into personal insults. We all know that the future for CH is:
- Unity update
- Unity Beta test
- Future enhancements
If you need any more in depth information, please see the latest developer diary post for further news and discussion. And don’t forget to join the beta test to get a sneak peek into the future of CH.

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Re: Locked sooooo quick

I'd also like to add that re-posting locked threads is also against the forum rules.

Do not post about locked or deleted threads, or other moderator actions. The actions of the moderators are final.

So we were pretty lenient to let this one continue for so long! Please prove us wrong by engaging in polite discussions next time. :)

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