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Future of CH?

I would like to know what is happening with the future of Celtic Heroes. I will not be buying anymore platinum unless I see the game continuing. We never see any progress on Unity in forums. I’m sure others are wondering also.

Re: Future of CH?

This game has been a bumpy ride, what some people can't put into their head is that this company aswell as the previous have brought up small but impacting events or something on the side to try and compensate for their lack of customer service.

Angry community > Xp event > happy community > promising more in near future > doesn't happen > angry community <

It just cycles on, and if something in that changes then it could be good or bad but currently I only see it going downhill and since Aileron is from the future or something plus somehow has been a mind that always thought ahead of literally everyone in this community I'm going to quote his sig.

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Re: Future of CH?

I want to know this aswell before double plat. I plan on spending lots on platinum, but I want to know if it is worth putting lots of money into? What is the future for this game. Please give us some information
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Re: Future of CH?

Only been about 4 months since they announced their plans for the game, and they acknowledge in the post that the next few months would be slow as they finish up the Unity update.

While they haven’t announced any big updates like Corrupted Gardens or something, it does appear they have their intentions set on working on the items outlined in the developers’ diary after the Unity update.

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