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Re: Are VR awareness of repeatbles even there

MilkyBarz wrote:I see it’s very good for players but bad for vr. We can skip the levels 97-116 to 116-130 and 180-205 are they aware of that? Or are they going to be nerfing them or leaving as is and no I don’t care if I’m bringing it to there attention so don’t cal me a snitch lol

Dangit. You let the secret out! :lol:

No, they are well aware that players love these quests. When the gardens first came out and players started to realize how awesome the blossoms are, there were several threads of people afraid that they were going to be nerfed...and the overall reaction from (OTM at the time, I suppose) was that they would be staying put.

I don't really see this as being bad for VR. It's much loved by players as a bit of a break from lixing. Also, it's not entirely great for the player...the time spent farming means that the player isn't increasing their abilities or getting the drops they do from lixing (most notable for people working on Alchemical/Occult armor).
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