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Re: Still no BT helm...

Warsong wrote:
xXzeemXx wrote:They are kinda more useful than mord helms because obviously the stats and because they save u 3 purenesses. That’s 3 gele kills or 3 lucky prime kills.
Would it really be game breaking if they had the same drop rate as mord helms? Mord helms imo have a balanced drop rates.

Or VR should change drop rates of pures so that every prot drops at least 1 pure since EVERY class needs pures. The rare drops should be the class specific ones. (Literally a logical way to do it) It could be just like Snorri is a confirmed crown as well as its placeholders got a drop increase.

Or just make it 1 pure per dg piece works.

Helms should have the same drop rate chance as any other item. Or remove tiered helmets And keep godly ones, making people feel more accomplished when killing BT when recieving such a good item.
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Re: Still no BT helm...

Sweefish wrote:Kill number 40 on Gwydion and 0 Helmets, got our second godly but it was the exact same piece as our first one, a warrior DPS charm...

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ ... sp=sharing

The additional Sheets on this workbook are specific drops since the Imperial/Godly Buff on drops

U sound so sad two godly dps warrior charms dropped... lol

Schwing came to visit us on Belenus today, and we spoke about bt. Belenus only has 7 kills with one godly drop (godly pummel ring, cd), so I told schwing we're no example whether the patch has improved drop rates enough or not and to give a look at servers like gwydion. I think that 40 kills without even a royal helm is quite absurd, yes it could be terrible luck vs Havoc's 2 helms or Seed's helm on their 2nd kill, but still 40 kills and 0 helms is rough. We say it completes dg but tanks for example dont use dg and still get the shaft.
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Re: Still no BT helm...

I have stopped spending money on the game because of the drop rates. Take that for what it’s worth. Voting with my wallet seems to work better than an elaborate, well thought out argument on the issue.

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Re: Still no BT helm...

Schwing wrote:
LadyNymeria wrote:Number 19 today and zero Helms in Danu .....

But 40 kills and not a single one is unacceptable imo. The Helms are way too rare.

Think of it in terms of cars, everyone can have a Toyota it does the job fine gets you from A to B, those who work hard or get lucky drive a Mercedes, does the same job but more efficiently and in style. Then there’s that one guy in your town who has a Ferrari, it’s a luxury, the Mercedes would do the job just as well but this has a bit more flair. Is it unacceptable that everyone can’t have a Ferrari?

So yeah the BT helms aren’t required in order to do any content in game, they’re a rare luxury that when they do come up is something that stands out from the crowd.

If I'm paying Ferrari prices for the Toyota then yeah, it is unacceptable.
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The quest for the helm - journal entry

This morning my friends and I spotted the mighty Bloodthorn again in the Gardens that are corrupted. The excitement has faded at this point in the journey. We now understand that this is more of a punishment than a journey of hunting treasure. When we first discovered the Garden a little over 5 months ago we were told by some people of a group called BETA Tester that there existed a helmet that would stand as a crown upon anyone that wore it and it would instill powers upon its beholder like never seen before. This helmet was to stand as a symbol to all who embarked upon the challenge of defeating the foes of this world what they could receive if they survive the years of preparing themselves and grinding monster after monster, the endless nights camping the atrocity known as Snorri, the endless journeys spent traversing down the tunnels of Carrowmore to slay the evil Mordris (still haven't figured out why the all powerful known as admin hasn't put one of his fancy stones to ley on near that cave), the life sucked from our souls from the Necromancer, the multiple idols that had to be consumed to resurrect yourself at the feet of Unox, and the fiends in the tops of the tower in the Arcane Sanctum it would all mean something when a helm was bestowed upon them. A symbol that said all of the grind is worth it.

Yet, it has came to pass that we have slain this plant that exists because of Crom's corruption of a once beautiful garden multiple times and yet we find more necklaces and not a single helmet. Today was day 150 of killing this plant for our humble clan, Friday will mark the 5 month mark of us slaying this vile beast. There is no more singing songs of victory around a campfire with the Wardens, rather we meekly look around as someone pipes up, "you realize when Bloodthorn actually finally drops a helmet there is only a 10 percent chance that helmet will be for your class and build." What was once cheers of jubilation now only have moans of understanding. One mate put it like this, "0% of 45 kills means that the odds of a helmet for my class dropping are... 0%."

All of the potions of purification have started to slow our minds a little. Today one of the druids decided to stand in the middle of the poisonous puddles without a potion active just to see if he could survive off of the AOE heals of his comrades. Needless to say there is a stick in the ground marking that spot now with some kind words engraved on the stick. One comrade has lost his mind so much that he started calling the helmet a Ferrari, we took him straight way to the Tavern and he is rethinking his life in the cellar at the moment. The entire trip across the Otherworld and into Stonevale this guy wouldn't shut up about a "status symbol" We finally cast Calm on him and dragged him the rest of the way. We know take turn throwing Perfect Fruit Cakes at him.

I must close this entry as I hear Mordris might be returning sometime in the next 36 hours and even though up-and-coming explorers would love to have the opportunity to slay this beast we must be vigilant as its helmets are still the best in the land.
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Re: Still no BT helm...

Swee was trying to be nice and turned his complaint into a story for entertainment value, because let’s face it, after 45 kills and no helm what can one do except make fun of the state of this game.

I will be a little less subtle. I have for some reason that is beyond me now (maybe blind faith that things would improve), have spent a lot of money on the game over the years only to see the same failures with game issues and crap loot tables that have plagued the game since day 1.

My story/complaint summary is simple and can be summed up in one small summary; Fix the damn loot tables.

You have a good base game, no other mobile MMO offers with the look and style of this one. It could be the dominant force in the market, but falls short due to everything including gear and levels being a long slow grind. If only you approached the damn game fixes in small quick updates versus large 15 month projects, you might just have something special.

I thought crafting would have been here and be dominant, instead we have a stupid cooking meta that costs competitive servers millions in gold and hours of churning butter for 8 perfected baras to use for lock battles instead of hunting for loot and bosses.

Fix it. Please.
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