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So who likes getting scammed? Is it OK these days? Be informed!

Yeah so after many weeks me and others are fed up, I'm totally shocked there's no posts on it already but ill make here, so there's lvl 1 toons impersonating the real player of a toon and asking all clannies and others outside of clan to "borrow gear" "let me use your.." while people understand the "ALL TRADES FINAL POLICY" should this hold true if your getting scammed? I guess..? Some might laugh as for me I would never fall for it; but many do,and they QUIT THE GAME, so you have good people quitting the game because they got scammed by a lvl 1 impersonator alt, which does 2 things, MAKES THE PERSON QUIT AND THE REAL PERSON WHO'S BEING IMERSONATED BY A SCAMMER LOOK BAD, so far I've seen atleast 10+ impersonater toons lvl 1 for example.. My names Empty. So they use Empty or 1's or l's to replace i's.. 0's for O's .. should this be the norm? Should we just expect this and just blow it off like ehh who cares? More likely than not it's just 1 or 2 people doing it, why are these people even allowed to be here? Where's the policing and bans?? People get banned these days for breathing wrong and this guys been scamming for months and nothing, Let's make it right. I think everyone atleast on the server I play has had enough daily harassment, ive toured Rosmerta to see it happens there as well. This post also should be a warning to those who are unaware... maybe if action is taken it won't be an issue anymore... Check ss for an example of a lvl 1 impersonating a trusted lvl +220 player. Just today alone I heard 2 people wanna quit because they lost gear and nothing is done about it. Luckily I loaned gear so they stay.





Re: So who likes getting scammed? Is it OK these days? Be informed!

I hate to be that person, but if you’re getting scammed by a level one impersonator it’s kinda your own fault ...the toons level is visible in trade and people shouldn’t freely be loaning items out anyway. I’ve been scammed similarly ...was my own fault for not paying attention to who I was trading.

Too many jerks on this game take advantage of people..it’s always been an issue.

Maybe VR can take more action than Otm did and retrieve scammed geared back....but really only thing to be done is report the the toons to support and hope they get banned.

I still think they need to have a loan option in this game!! That way loaned items can be returned to the mailbox.
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Re: So who likes getting scammed? Is it OK these days? Be informed!

Can guarantee that these people do (and have been) banned.

If you submit a ticket detailing the name of the scammer and the person they are impersonating, they (and any accounts linked to the account) will get perma-banned.

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Re: So who likes getting scammed? Is it OK these days? Be informed!

Yeah Armo, but the problem is when 1 gets banned they just make a new one. I think I've seen 1 toon made now for atleast 1/2 of all the 220+ memebers we have. I couldn't ever link it to someone, I could take a good guess but that's naming and shaming. So yeah it's a chronic problem. Plus last time I asked a few months ago I was told "there's ways around a device ban" and we "ban them as they're reported" which a new one is made daily to weekly. So all that's kinda worthless.

Re: So who likes getting scammed? Is it OK these days? Be informed!

I have been scammed by a level 1 before, after which I made 104 characters to block future impersonations of my clannies. I strongly suggest you do the same.

The impersonation scam is a huge problem, I see several ways CH can address it:

1. Have an additional confirmation popup of "This player is under level 30, are you sure you wish to trade?". Players tend to be pretty solo until that level.

2. Add a close-name block when creating characters with names similar to level 200+ characters "This name is too similar to an existing high level character": use the number of differing characters and/or the number of "scam swapped" characters (L/i, L/1, i/1, O/0, any two adjacent characters swapped, etc) at the same position. For example "Regenleif" vs. "RegenIeif" (L/i) is 1 character different and has 1 scam swapped character; "Regenlief" is 2 character different and has 2 scam swapped (e and i) -- those are very good indications of a scam! I would say 2- characters different and 1+ scam swapped is sufficient to catch the vast majority of cases.

This would be beneficial in other ways too, legitimate new players trying to make, say, "Collosus" when such a player is already a high level may resort to "CoIIosus" (L/i), which will only cause great and permenent trouble for them, their clans, the original Collosus, and the server later on. This has occurred in several cases on Taranis.
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