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8-man Faction Boss Team

Wondering if any server/clan actually attempted a 8 person kill on either the Reaver/Lich Lvl 220 6*s Faction boss and actually killed it before rage. If not, what would it take and is it even possible?

Hopefully this can be a constructive thread that people can share out ideas of the perfect group and also stategies that can make this kill possible (Preferably a kill before rage)

Re: 8-man Faction Boss Team

xXzeemXx wrote:
ColdBurn1 wrote:My clan on Rosmerta has.

1 tank
1 good Druid or 2 decent druids
1 support rogue
5-6 mages

It’s really easy.

Assuming it’s reaver, how did u manage to break the shield with little to no physical dmg (the rogue is support, you say)

It’s most likely to be lich. 5 mages indicates so.
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Re: 8-man Faction Boss Team

SPLEND1D wrote:reaver is unbeatable with 8 ppl

Havent tried but got close. Did reaver with 13, I dont remember classes, but no one hasted too.
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