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Re: Contest Prizing!

Example A would be cool if the colors could be changed to mauve so it would set them apart from the old rares so I don't think that can happen until after Unity.

Chests and eggs would get a lot of attention 0.0 (so would heroic combos :p)

Ps: I'm a +1 for anything in mauve or purple :D
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Re: Contest Prizing!

Absolutely not option A. Rewards of long-existing rare items such as those suggested is no bueno. Some worlds have only one of those mentioned sets in existence. Would cause way too much havoc.

I think option B is great though. Giving out chests (and things contained in the chests, such as dragon eggs) is I think the best reward possible as the winner actually gets something that is worth-while.

I think a great way to go would be a choice between B and C, with the winner choosing between a good amount of chests/gold/plat as mentioned in option B or some of the competition prizes of the past, like teal fashion and mounts (some of them were tradable too, I think). Even better is, once you are able to, remove the trade restrictions on all of those competition prizes. I think the Shaman's Phoenix Glider was probably the best competition prize that was ever given out. A tradable item, with stats equal to the top tier chest mount at that time.

Competition prizes should be either exclusive, competition only items, or widely available yet valuable and desired items like chests. Definitely should not include other items like previous seasonal event fashion sets.

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Re: Contest Prizing!

Well personally I wouldn’t mind a server restart for a chicken helm... I wouldn’t even mind if u guys had to do a whole update just to add it but please do,_, and yea like said having those rare fashions as prizes would ruin their value. A chicken helm is the only viable option
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Re: Contest Prizing!

I like B the most, giving a sense of mystery to the prize always keeps it interesting and that's what the chests would help do. If there are multiple competitions and the prize stays the same people who won previously probably wouldn't be as likely to compete again.
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Re: Contest Prizing!

I like A the most, it would bother those that currently have a set, but those sets are very very populair (add in ardmair as well) and given the majority does not own a set like that, it would be a very rewarding prize, but they should be NO TRADE so that it can't really have any effect on the current price.

The current mauve colored contest prizes are not really populair, they are kind of special, but in my opinion the color is very boring and we should move forward to better rewards. I also like B as well, it would motivate way more people to take part in the contests.

I am reading about adding in mauve/teal colored excisting fashion as well as mixing up the effects. I like those ideas and they should definetly be considered once there are client updates again after the unity update.
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Re: Contest Prizing!

So when you say “ top 5 will pick the prize”...just to make sure...the top 5 can all pick white lanrik :D? Also...will the rewards be no trade?
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