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Re: No update until unity... OTM very poor show.

Regenleif wrote:In all seriousness, SoL has definitely improved over the years:

- Fast cast/recharge time (used to be SLOW, now it is reasonable)
- Significant initial health/energy gain (used to be 1hp/1energy, now it is half? + 3k after a few seconds)
- Energy costs... well... this hasn't improved much (2.1k -> 1.8k)
- Revives mounts

Unfortunately it is still limited to groups, making it mostly useless unless a Druid is in the DPS groups... It should be improved by lowering the energy cost and making the cast instant (usually players idol while it is casting). Beyond that many of Taranis' Druids keep it on hand for messy kills and convenience.

You’re forgetting when it drained all of the energy of whomever it was casted on.
Oh those were the good ol days ;)
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