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Celtic Heroes first birthday celebration!

Hi there

Celtic Heroes will be 1 year old on 16th June 2012.

Any requests on how we should celebrate?

We were thinking perhaps a birthday hat and a huge green dragon in Lirs reach and a plat sale, or magic carpet in otherworld or something like that.

Please feel free to post your ideas as we have time to implement whatever you think would be nice.


Re: Celtic Heroes first birthday

nice so my character will have birthday too soon :P

But the ideas sounds great!
Maybe a new festival weapon (like brooms or sleds)

What about a dragon you can sit on which will shoot fire balls (same like sled's ice ball, just fire balls) ?
Wear as a weapon then, would be really COOL!
(as u cant wear a dragon as weapon, make it a "dragon fleet" which allows you to call/summon and control your dragon)

Or a transformation charm ?
5 ideas:
Wolf transformation charm : you look like a wolf (25k)
Wisp transformation charm : you look like a Wisp (50k)
skeletton transformation charm : you look like a skeletton (100k)
Golem transformation charm : you look like a Golem (150k)
Wyvern transformation charm : you look like a Wyvern (200k)
(only your look will change, attacks/damage/armour all still the same)
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Re: Celtic Heroes first birthday

awesome maybe becuase it is a birth day for celtic heroes i think what would celtic world do???
get drunk in tavern lol well maybe be have it in tavern becuase whats tavern good for..
maybe have like a party at tavern were tavern has birthday stuff every were and u get prize there
i do agree we get some kind of sled more like a birth day armor set {fashion} and a dragon small pet that fallows u??
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Re: Celtic Heroes first birthday

All those ideas sound great admin!

This period also nearly coincides with the pagan midsummer festival (particularly if it runs for 2 weeks or more...) so it would be neat if we could see both lirs and shale at night, with more NPC's taking in a festival atmosphere.

Bard's and musicians and street games around giant bonfires in the town.

Fireworks every hour over the northern bay!(I know that fireworks are probably not historically accurate, but what the heck :D )

All the defectors spawning around a cask of whiskey or ale, with reduced defense because of inebriation...

One thing that would be really swell is if area effect spells could be cast over each zone for the duration of the birthday celebrations, much like the 'relaxing atmosphere' effect in the tavern. Here are some examples:

Festival Atmosphere across Lir's provides accelerated rejuvenation and 1.5X gold drops.
Drunkeness reduces all player's defence and attack, and allows players to challenge each other to duels, with the potential for Connacht interference. :twisted:
Druid Sacrifice could reduce gold drops in Stonevale by half, but provide double or triple experience plus a constant meditation effect.

These sorts of thing would be really nice to get people interacting more and truly touring the re done areas.

Re: Celtic Heroes first birthday celebration!

It would be cool to get a fashion item that says you've been playing for a year. Like a birthday present for your character when it is a year old. With the 1st birthday of Celtic Heroes, there will soon be 1st birthdays for many of the players and it would be a nice treat as a player as your year rolled around to get something for it.
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