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Re: Aggy solo, 1 toon (video link)

Romeo wrote:Wow gratz Rallick, think your the first person to do a real solo on him. Pretty sure there's gunna be a surge of warriors tryin this now lol do u think other classes could solo aggy?

Rage was always the complication in past attempts, also rest of server being cool with letting you go for it. Hard to say whether other classes could do, but I will say I think if they have enough dps to kill prerage they should be ok. But hard to find good balance of dps/survivability

Re: Aggy solo, 1 toon (video link)

Tadaaah wrote:
Curry30423 wrote:
Tadaaah wrote:Care if we share on our social?

If I send u a picture of me soloing havgar the hairy will u post on ur social? I wanna be famous._.

We share lots of screenshots and videos. :)

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