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Re: Thank you Muldar

Hands down the best. Years back deleted ton of gold, I couldn't believe it when it magically reappeared in my bank. I've seen friends who were freaking out they deleted their main and were astounded when their toons were recovered. Muldar cared. What a hard working guy who's passion and incredible personality was always on display. Good luck friend. Your greatest adventures are yet to come! God bless

Re: Thank you Muldar

Proteus Prime wrote:
Bitey wrote:
ShadowKnight wrote:I understand that the new set up is in Thailand but maybe allow him to work remote? He will be greatly missed in the community and I think it's safe to say this game wont be the same without him.


They don’t allow remote workers. I’ve asked about that recently.

Rip muldar and the whole ch community
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Re: Thank you Muldar

Thanks, Muldar and the rest of the Glasgow team for your work over the years! Although I'm not sure if you'll ever see this, I wish you guys the best of luck in finding new and fulfilling employment!
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Re: Thank you Muldar

To Muldar and the entire Glasgow team, my very best wishes. You can tell by this and other threads how much you will all be missed. We love the game you created and we love and respect all of you. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors and wish most of all that we could stay in contact with you. We genuinely care about you as part of our community and we thank you all so much for giving us this ‘place’ to build such a community. I’ve baked your cookies multiple times trying to get the recipe to a mailable texture and finally have... only now I cannot send them with a surety you’ll get them. :( PM me... I’ll send them individually!!!

My very warmest regards, much love, and many hugs,
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Re: Thank you Muldar

Salamat Muldar...
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Re: Thank you Muldar

ShadowKnight wrote:From what I've heard, muldar is no longer with otm. So in the event that is the case I hope he glances by the forum.

I wanna thank you muldar for all u have done for this community for these past years. You have done an excellent job and I sincerely hope everything works out for u.

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