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Bugs in the new release

So far I’ve found:
Lots of freezing (all my clan complained at mord)
Menus exiting randomly
Mail not working
Trades automatically cancelling

May update if I find more
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Re: Bugs in the new release

I’ve had a bunch of the menus cancelling too, but it fluctuates so I’m not sure which side of the equation is at fault (hoping it’ll go away eventually)

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Re: Bugs in the new release

Same. Biggest though is the lagging/freezing. Trade issue a couple times, but worked after 2nd or 3rd try, and yes, menus and map closing randomly. Also, haha, I got stuck in a wall and couldn't get out! But so far, I haven't heard anyone else with same issue, so maybe I'm just lucky ,lol
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Re: Bugs in the new release

raved wrote:These issues are still occurring. OTM, are you planning some kind of fix for the bugs tonight? Or have you guys headed home for the night? (it's late in Scotland)

We are still looking into the issue but we won't be pushing any rushed fixes tonight.

Once we've looked into it further and reviewed the changes required we will update the community as to our plan going forward.
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Re: Bugs in the new release

Big lagspikes in carrowmore (especially around the mord pit), trade issues and overall pretty laggy randomly and the most annoying thing is that menu's of area, clanlist, inventory etc close within 5 seconds and I have to reopen them 3 times before they are stable. Also when I die I get reset back to the ley, in the walls or behind the walls.
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