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Fising Glitch!

Right after the CG update...

I cant do without the fishing side of things. Please OTM fix this asap. I havent explored the prevalence of this issue all over Dal Rh... But at 180+, the waters are UNFISHABLE. Despite the depletion of Concentration, and the animation of my character - nothing else really happens when i cast my line.

I cant fish. Im gonna die.

Re: Corrupted Gardens Release! iOS / Android

mrstaint wrote:There is no option to update in the app store for me :( but yet other people in my area can..sigh time to clean house then

If you can see the summary of the CG update on ch's page in the appstore then you can get the update by deleting ch and reinstalling

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Re: Corrupted Gardens Release! iOS / Android

Hey Heroes,

We are currently looking into the reported issues of server lag and closing UI windows.
The cause of the UI window bug may have been identified, we are looking into this further.

Fishing Issue:
This appears to be a client update issue. This should resolve itself after cancelling and restarting fishing upon login.

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