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Re: Celtic Heroes Anniversary

KSGRSulius wrote:No never re release lugh masks it will kill the value of the old ones. These old and rare items need to be kept that way. White masks of lugh and covers are priceless. Releasing them again aoen or not will make them cheaper. People who pay huge prices for them would get mad knowing they can get the same thing free/cheap.

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Re: Celtic Heroes Anniversary

1. double plat ofc
2. carrow carnage
3. legacy carnage
4. frozen timers cut massively and 4* 100% drop chance
5. double xp? will create all these endgame players servers need for endgame bosses
6. double bounties with increases elite chance
7. a prize for 7 days (for each year)

7 things 1 representing each year the game has been around for

Re: Celtic Heroes Anniversary

+1 to anything that remotivates the playerbase and improves server activity.

As for Carrow carnage I personally loved the 48 sleepless hours haha but was a tad overburdening.
I would like to see 2 separate events one for all legacy’s of all levels (not just the ones used by top tier clans) and one for raid bosses.
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Re: Celtic Heroes Anniversary

It would be nice to see a cool fashion item like lugh masks or coven hats, but this should be given a limited timeframe, under two months at most. This allows exclusivity and make the gathering of quest drops even more rewarding.

Most of the recent fashion hats are outright hideous, why is it so hard to design something as simplistic as covens or lughs?
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Re: Celtic Heroes Anniversary

I would really love to get party hats of some kind again. I'm trying to get a hold of a blue pointy hat for my mage and there just aren't enough options in this game and the ones that are here haven't been out for several years so they're very very difficult to obtain. Also, there are no light blue pointy hats as far as I can tell for the fashion slot.
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