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Re: Celtic Heroes Anniversary

Voldemort wrote:Yeah another everlasting item! Not necessarily firework, but something cool. Show off what the new engine can do! :D

In terms of events, it'd be nice to have a couple of giveaways and a x2/x3/x4 *something* event :)

Omg yes! I’m so mad at myself for missing the firework giveaway, they’re so awesome.

So we need an everlasting item, and a 7 day giveaway much like the winter one, but party hats instead of the Santa hats
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Re: Celtic Heroes Anniversary

Love the ideas I've seen so far on this topic, And gz OTM on 7yrs!
I'd love to see these ideas in live game for the celebratory duration..
-Double Plat (ofc)
-Extend bounty limit by 2
-Double XP on bounties
-New "Birthday Chests" or "Caerus chests" (Greek god related to the personification of oppurtunity, luck and favourable moments- seems to fit the vibe of the games birthday while opening chests) something like that...-limited in time with a new limited time fash, higher chance of things like 150+ plat opening, 5x heroic combos bundle, those speed staffs, vit kites, (?) dragon eggs, etc..
-Mini boss Event throughout maps with many legacy, epic spawns.
-(?) Speed up Frozen, DL, EDL boss spawn times
-Special login Reward for all characters- 60plat or 7x heroic combos. Id personally like to see 3x free chests.
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Re: Celtic Heroes Anniversary

" Have all dl and edl armor and weapon boss spawns be either 5-6 stars, raid bosses spawning 3x as fast, and all legacy bosses spawning in 2-3 hour windows across all of Dal Rata. Basicly the story line would read that the awakening of Bloodthorn is causing chaos to serge and has had drastic consequences for all of the land. The idea is to have so many spawns that no one clan can kill them all.

I know these events are to be short lived but they could allow everyone to have chance to get that last gear they need to be ready for the new area. The problem with past events are that they are small enough that a dominant clan can kill 80-90% of the increased spawns. With an event like this, it would simply be to much to kill so it would open the door for smaller clans while the dominant clans are having to prioritize what kills to go to in what order. It’s like a server restart but lasting an entire weekend."

This! This is exactly why events like Carrow Carnage, as it has been before, are only fun events for the monopoly clan on each server. If legacy or edl/dl/even frozen bosses are timed such that only 1 is up at a time then having them spawn faster only means more drops for the monopoly clan and actually makes others angry rather than making playing more exciting and enjoyable.

Using this idea as a model would actually make it exciting and rewarding for everyone, regardless of lvl or clan size. Even those who choose to play clanless could get some extra kills this way. This would be a celebration for all! Random spawn times so we wouldnt know the times would be the best of all! Happening upon an unexpected boss is still exciting after years of playing.

Also, if you do design new fashion, hats, or barding etc it would be nice if there could be something in the design (not just the written description) to indicate the 7th anniversary. A celtic symbol for 7 (if one exists) or something similar on the object somewhere, for example.

Re: Celtic Heroes Anniversary

Already said stuff, but you people giving me ideas:
Totally NEED fireworks again. This time can they be small AoE damage? (I wanna start a roman-candle fight/tournament in the arena. You want PvP rebooted? This would totally do it for me :lol:)
and I like the idea of doing a full week of stuff (7 years-7days).
(and please no full fash set. We want hats! :lol: something simple, elegant, and, most of all, blue )

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Re: Celtic Heroes Anniversary

How about for the Anniversary there is a day where all bosses spawn as 6*: 180/6 , 215/6 and etc. Also during that day ,the big boss (mord, gele etc) windows are drastically decreased andddd they drop voids/godlys only!!!
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