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How many of you do Bounties?

I’ve personally only done a couple bounties just to try out what they’re like.

It’s a weird one, because at a level where it becomes more time efficient to do bounties to level rather than mobs it’s also a negative to level as you’ll just increase your level lock % on certain bosses.

I’m sure some people do use them for the rewards like pet tokens though, but I also consider that less time efficient than farming for gold.

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Re: How many of you do Bounties?

I did them religiously when they first were introduced. After hitting 230 I stopped doing them on main, but I also took advantage of the bounty system while I was leveling my alts to 220. It’s a great addition imo, but I don’t do them anymore since I’m keeping toons around level lock lol
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Re: How many of you do Bounties?

Muldar wrote:I think they are great for new players starting out in the game.
1 - 130 I was constantly doing bounties alongside the main story line and it greatly sped up the process.
Higher leveled I've done them less so but still will when I have the chance.

I do agree they’re good for keeping new players interested rather than straight grinding.

I do find a lot of the ones I tried I spent more time travelling than I got in EXP when I was in Carrow. I’m not sure whether travel time is accounted for when they’re done however surely you can see why it’s much less preferable when your mobs are very far from the closest leystone.

Maybe the 4th Leystone by the despoiler is why we need for them in Carrow?

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Re: How many of you do Bounties?

I do them every day practically because that's the only way I'm gonna get new pets and mounts on my main and alts
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