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Welcome to the Celtic Heroes forum! [READ FIRST]

Hey Hero and welcome to the Celtic Heroes forum!

The Celtic Heroes forum is our official hub for all things Celtic Heroes.
Here you may discuss general topics related to the world of Celtic Heroes, post feedback or suggestions to the team directly, receive help or support from your fellow heroes and generally be able to communicate with the community as a whole.

As we have a variety of boards for all types of subjects, please ensure your topic is in the correct sub forum and adheres to the forum rules!
This helps keep everything running smoothly and saves moderation time.
Our rules can be found here: http://celtic-heroes.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=4958
Celtic Heroes - This hub contains our busiest sub forums: General Discussions, Announcements, Off Topic and Feedback & Suggestions.
All of our latest news and updates can be found here, as well as our most active community discussions so be sure to check back frequently.
Feedback and Suggestions is the best way to make sure your opinions and ideas are heard by the team, we read this daily and all feedback is appreciated!

Support - The support hub will be the place to go for minor support requests, questions to the community, and reporting any bugs you've found on your travels of Dal Riata.
While you should always submit an in-game Support Ticket or contact Support@onethumbmobile.com first for support issues, we know there may be certain circumstances when you need help from an Admin directly.
We are always happy to assist so don't hesitate to post.

Classes - From Rogues to Rangers if you have a question about your class or just need a little help with your stats this will be the place to ask our Celtic Heroes veterans.
Class guides and tips can be found here to help you get started in your adventures.

Worlds - Each world has a rich history with unique clans. Thinking about which world to join? Have a look over each world and see who's recruiting.

Our first recommended stop is the Introduce Yourself board! Say hi to the community and let us know a bit about yourself!
In discussions you will see several different coloured names. Administrators, Moderators, Guides and Users.
Here is a basic run down of what each means:

- Administrators
Clan members of the Virtual Realms studio based in Bangkok, Thailand.
- Moderators
Honored knights of our castle, these brave warriors have seen many battles and have stood strong without fail.
- Guides
Veteran Heroes who have walked tirelessly across the Highlands and are happy to pass on knowledge to others.
- Users
Heroes of the lands of Dal Riata.
Q: This is my first time on the forums, what do I do?
Introduce yourself! Say hi to your fellow heroes and ask any questions you may have.
Everyone is welcome and we are more than happy to meet you!

Q: How do I post?
First you need to select the correct subforum from the overview above. This is important as it allows us to keep discussion going and ensures your post is seen by the correct audience.
Next, click or tap the "New Topic" button (green) found to the top right of the page (just below our header image).
This will take you to the create a topic page where you can create your post!

Q: How do I search?
Top right of the page beside your user avatar will be a magnifying glass. Tap this and the search drop down appears.
Enter your query and the forum will find topics that contain this term.

Q: How do I PM?
To prevent Spambots and ensure blank accounts are not contacting users, new accounts must make a minimum of 1 post to PM.
Please do not spam the boards in an effort to circumvent this, accounts found to be doing so will be deleted.
PMs can be sent by the "Send private message" on a users post or via their profile page.
Your inbox can hold a maximum of 1000 messages.

Q: What do all the PM folders mean?
Inbox: These are PMs received from other users addressed to yourself. Be sure to open and reply!
Outbox: This folder contains PMs you have sent to other users that have yet to be opened. While in this folder they can still be edited.
Sent: PMs sent and read by its recipient. No longer editable.
Drafts: PMs that have yet to be sent! Consider this the notepad for PMs.

Q: Where I can find guides and help?
Our forum Guides are denoted by their blue name.
Veteran heroes with a wealth of knowledge, they have helped the community endlessly and are greatly valued by the team.
Not sure where to level next? Looking for details about a boss? Our Hints, Tips and Guides forum may hold the answers.
A lexicon of knowledge, Bitey's website Celtic Heroes Tavern covers every subject imaginable.

Q: How do I report a bug?
Bug Reports! The QA Team's domain.
Please follow this guide when submitting a bug as it greatly helps the team.

Q: What is beta testing?
Beta testing is a separate instance of Celtic Heroes using an in-progress build of our latest update!
In beta you will get to try out new content, items and quests before the update goes live in the App Store / Play Store.
We regularly post sign ups to participate in testing so keep an eye on Announcements for further details!
Q: I have an in-game issue, who do I contact?
The first thing to do is submit an in-game Support Ticket, found by tapping the Support tab in-game, Support Tickets are directly linked to your account and are generally resolved faster than via the forums.
Our Support Team are always happy to help with any inquiry you may have, please make sure your ticket contains all relevant info as this will speed up the process.
While we can assist for basic issues on the forum our workload may prevent us from resolving your issue in a timely manner.

Q: When will my ticket be resolved?
Our Support Team aims to reply to all in-game tickets within 24 - 48 hours (Excluding weekends).
During seasonal breaks and launches resolutions may take longer as the team deals with the larger workload.

Q: I can't sign into my account
Account Conflict - Our Ask for Help has an active thread for account conflicts.
Please post your character name, world and we can remove the conflict, allowing you to sign in again.

Incorrect Username / Password - Please contact our Support Team at Support@onethumbmobile.com with as many of the following details as possible:
- Username for account -
- Registered email -
- When account created/last played -
- Character(s) name(s) on the account - include deleted ones if you can remember them -
- Character levels on the account -
- Clans that characters are members of -
- Servers the characters are on -
- Premium purchases made -
- Any plat purchases made on the account and amount -
- Some items that characters will have or have equipped -

Q: I've been banned from the game
If you are eligible to appeal, please send the details requested above to Appeals@onethumbmobile.com
Accounts banned for "Selling in-game items for real money" or marked as a "permanent ban" will not be re enabled.
Timed bans will have to wait out the duration of their ban.
Q: Who are OTM?
Shrouded in mystery, reports say they wear kilts everyday and only drink original recipe Irn Bru.
Tirelessly developing Celtic Heroes for nearly 7 years, sightings of staff have been confirmed in the heart of Scotland, Glasgow.
Occasional ramblings and pictures of dogs can be found on their official Twitter page.

Q: Who are Virtual Realms?
Our sister company from the east.
A new venture working on a localized version of Celtic Heroes for other regions.

Q: When is Celtic Heroes' birthday?
While there are many conflicting theories but we generally go with June 15th.
We've looked over the tomes of eras past, not even historians are certain.

Q: When is Double Platinum?!
Announced 3 days prior to the event only! Keep checking our social media for our latest updates!
(Typically beginning and end of the year)

Q: Can OTM gift me X?
In the interest of fairness all in-game items must be earned in-game.

Q: Is Celtic Heroes cross platform compatible?
Yes! After one of the busiest (Most users ever online was 284 on Wed Jul 26, 2017 12:57 pm) and longest nights in the office (3:30AM)
Celtic Heroes is now cross platform!

Q: Can I get a pair of "Boots of Running Quite Fast"?
While we have attempted to test these on normal humans it appears only the Scots pure stubbornness will allow a user to wear these and not speed off into the void.


That covers everything! Hope you enjoy your time here!
Terms of Service, Policies and Procedures: http://celtic-heroes.com/support/

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