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Our awesome bank and conflux question

I just wanted to show you all our proud collection of drops, that we have collected for the past 2 years and 6 months.
Its great to see that the system works.
We dont use DKP or any other points counting system.
Everyone in clan trustes the council to make it fair for all, it works perfectly.
I have a question about confluxes. The ratio for pure and class conflux is so weird.
We have tons class confluxes but very very few pures?
Do you experience same problem?
I mean it would be fair if proteus prime had one pure conflux always and one random class conflux + brace or ring.

Also are there any plans for changes, maybe not this update but in the future?


Enjoy the amazing GIF's! :D :mrgreen: ;)




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Re: Our awesome bank and conflux question

And that's just what isn't worn by the clan members. Most of us wear top end gear. All because of the team work!
How many hats?

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Re: Our awesome bank and conflux question

Prime should drop guaranteed pure and class conflux along with the normal ring and brace..

Gele should drop 2 pures and 2 class conflux along with the normal drops as well..

1 guaranteed pure from gelebron and 1 rarely dropping from prime gives u 2-3 pures per week with most weeks being 2.. this needs to be increased, the armour would still be rare and hard to gear.. one set every 6-8 weeks is way to long in this game.. people say dl is a bottle neck this by far the biggest bottleneck in game that needs to be addressed..

Re: Our awesome bank and conflux question

:shock: damn thats a good collection, well done you guys!!
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Re: Our awesome bank and conflux question

Cool, although I wonder if all your active mains and alts are geared fully how do you have so much stuff left in your bank, do you have no comp on the bosses? Or do you just like to keep bank stocked and not gear people instantly?
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