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Re: Top 5 favorite items!

Favourite owned fash (cause fash is more important that gear so gets a list of its own):

Purple ard woad
Spooky purple hunter pants
Spooky purple hunter boots
Purple hunter gloves
Quartermasters eye patch

Favourite owned gear:

Godly oblivion
Godly crimson core brace
Imperial cruel barbs brace
Godly sureshot charm
Ventius - level 222 noob ranger of Enigma
Ventius - some level 227 noob in badabing

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Re: Top 5 favorite items!

My full white cheffy fash, mythic nightwing, godly corr ring, mr tickles (my maxed black dragon) and a shrink charm I borrowed from Fridz...

DISCLAIMER: subject to change based on mood and weather
World: LUGH
Class: Mage(reytch)-Rogue(OnceBitten)-Druid(TwiceShy)
Level: 221-223-205

World: EPONA
Clan: Anarchy
Class: Mage(Mahikera/Niebe/ChocolateMastah)-Rogue(Balisong)-Druid(Albularya)-Warrior(Mandarangan)-Ranger(Palaso)
Level: 223/221/150-222-231-223-221

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