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Re: Disposable mounts......bah!

Coman wrote:
Moonie wrote:You're over thinking it. I doubt they had a discussion on whether or not to make all battle mounts disabled when one dies. Same reason I'm sure they didn't decide to render 2 forbidden scroll chests unbreakable after a certain update. Fix one thing in a game and it could affect something else. Could our battle mount dying cause other battle mounts to be unusable until a mount whistle is used? Yes, it's conceivable. I don't think it was OTMs intention. I also don't know many people with more than 1 battle mount on 1 toon.

Besides, they will most likely make mount whistle obtainable through daily log ins, bounty tokens or shop vendor in the future. They're even lowering the price on pet foods that used to be 1k per lvl 6 to 500g per lvl 6

Don’t ‘think’ you know when you obviously have no idea. It was already clarified that this is by design.

So link to the post where they clearly state it was.

Re: Disposable mounts......bah!

bob the mage wrote:they should at the very least make whistles purchasable through the bounty shop.
they should also add whistles into chests .-.

Only thing I trade bounty tokens for are mount/pet tokens. Isn't it like one token for 1 resto? It's ridiculous. They should just let us use gold for them and add them to the daily log in rewards

Re: Disposable mounts......bah!

Mizzy wrote:Or...allow us to purchase mount whistles with gold. Why are we allowed to purchase an item (pet food) that allows us to get our pets stats and skill back after an hour but when our battle mount dies which happens more often we're forced to travel back to castle to revive it? Wheres the sense in that? I dont know about yall but im not ditching a raid boss or lix to go back to castle and revive my mount. Of course theres your other option- buy mount whistles with plat which a lot of players dont have.

This would actually help the in game economy as well as the potential gold sink is huge and the less gold in the economy the lower the prices :)
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