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Re: Banned Chieftain

Beheadeth Crom wrote:
Corrupt wrote:
Muldar wrote:I'll discuss the option of changing chieftan further with the Support and Programming Teams.

However as the clan system hooks into a number of different database tables if I recall, it caused a number of issues last time we attempted it.

Why don't u just unban, promote a gen and then ban again lol

Because then he has to choose who to promote.
Then someone ELSE will be mad.
Someone’s always gotta complain in the end.

I mean it is true that this is a possibility. But you are sort of borrowing a problem from the future. In other words, Corrupts solution would theoretically correct a problem that is currently in the here and now, with the only problem being that it has a small chance of creating a relatively minor problem in the future.
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Re: Banned Chieftain

Due to the why the account is banned, we can't unlock the account. We'll work with members of the clan to appoint a new Chieftan.

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