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Re: Valentines Day Competition!

Characters: Senor and Senora

World: Rosmerta

What started as a get away, for us two, from all the dramatics in the game and real life, became our official rangers over the course of two or three years.

We stayed in a clan called, Los Dos, meaning The Two in Spanish, all the way from 1 to 215. Keeping it a secret from everyone almost the entire time.

We leveled every single level together, and had a blast. Soloing bosses as two rangers.

Example: chillmist, we had to bolas, but stay out of range, or he would two hit us. One ranger on one side, the other ranger on the opposite side.

Whichever ranger, his back was turned to, would bolas.

I wouldn't take back a single moment :roll:

Happy Valentine's Day from

Chief Senor, of TheReal, and General Senora, of Forever.


Second photo here below is not an entry photo.

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Re: Valentines Day Competition!

What’s better than a date? A double date of course! So much love!

left to right: Restoration x Emlyn, Nourishment x Greebo
World: Rhiannon

Resto and Em catch some quiet time afterwards...
Secret 225 Warrior
iBurn - 220 firemage
Thalric - 200 druid
Emlyn - 220 ranger
MrJones - 221 rogue
NotACamper - 190 Ironic Troll Murderer

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