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Valentines Day Competition!


Like the true romantics we are at OTM we have not forgotten about Valentines Day ;)


For a chance to win Spiritbound Mauve Shaman Fashion find that special someone you care about and take an epic photo with them!

How to enter:
Post on our forums by replying to this thread, include CHARACTER NAMES (not username) WORLD and SCREENSHOT
Post your CHARACTER NAMES (not username) WORLD and SCREENSHOT as a reply to our Facebook post

4 couples will win 2 sets of exclusive Yule competition fashion! (Spiritbound Mauve Shaman Fashion)

But you have to be fast, the competition ends Thursday the 15th of February!

Good luck heroes!


Inappropriate entries will be removed
At the discretion of the team and entry number dependant the prize pool may be expanded
In the event of duplicates, the first of the duplicates will be the accepted entry.
No entries will be accepted after the deadline.
Entries must be sent posted on the forums or posted in our FB thread
ONE entry per user
General Terms and Conditions apply

Re: Valentines Day Competition!

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Sitka and myself show some brotherly love on Valentines Day :).
In Game Names: Beheadeth & Sitka
World: Crom
And what better fashion to wear than Enchanted Fae :D.
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Re: Valentines Day Competition!

He is like a brother to me, thanks to OTM I have a best friend of many many years who I’ve been through plenty with, thank you guys!

Dynamit3 (myself) and Eradicate of Epona

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Re: Valentines Day Competition!

When you don’t have a Valentines boo so you choose to get some reading lessons by your ingame mom <3 Gandy, I love you! (Server: Epona)
Left: Maria Stuart Right: Gandalfa
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