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Re: Valentines Day Competition!

Be careful when strolling through Stonevale with your clanmates this Valentines Day...


Server Epona
Characters Atropos and Sharpshooter7
World: Epona

Alyssandra Ranger Lvl 221
Atropos Druid Lvl 225
Nyssa Rogue Lvl 215
Briar Rose Mage Lvl 215

Lasciel Rogue Lvl 217
Owl Ranger Lvl 190
Lenore Druid Lvl 191

I could agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong.

Re: Valentines Day Competition!

KillerFrost and Meino of Danu finding love at first sight. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
Level 228 Ice Mage
Level 226 Ranger
Level 224 Tank
Level 220 Druid
Level 190 Rogue Locker
Level 160+ Rogue
Guardian of Kudos, Relentless Underdogs of Danu
~Just leveling toons so I can show off my precious Wyldwood sets~

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