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Re: Valentines Day Competition!

Meanwhile in Australia: A very Ballsy valentine.
Players: BallsyMcBignuts and PriesTess of Fingal server, Whykicamoocow clan.


Ugghh someone tell me how to upload an image! lol
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Reason: I got you fam - M
TessOfLemuria 220+ Druid, Donn.
Tess 200+ Druid, Nuada.
TessOfLemuria 130+ Druid, Fingal.
PriesTess 215+ Mage, Fingal.
PriesTesss 190+ Mage, Donn.
Arcturian 180+ Ranger, Donn.
LockTessMonster - wannabe lock rogue.

Donn sometimes, Nuada rarely.

Re: Valentines Day Competition!

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Dance by the campfire
And I'll serenade you!

MrDredd and MrsDredd

Clan: Pegasus
Server: Lugh
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MrsDredd - 223 Rogue
Penny Dreadful - 220 Tank Warrior
NurseDredd - 220 Druid
DreadOnFire - 220 Fire Mage
Dreadshot - 220 Ranger
Dreadlocks - 190 Locker

Pegasus, Lugh
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