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Re: Valentines Day Competition!

Louaiiiyy wrote:Caercyn ivory and shift happens , Donn

Endless love story <3

World: LUGH
Class: Mage(reytch)-Rogue(OnceBitten)-Druid(TwiceShy)
Level: 221-223-205

World: EPONA
Clan: Anarchy
Class: Mage(Mahikera/Niebe/ChocolateMastah)-Rogue(Balisong)-Druid(Albularya)-Warrior(Mandarangan)-Ranger(Palaso)
Level: 223/221/150-222-231-223-221

Relax folks...everything RESPAWNS!
I'm a MIRROR, how I treat you is a mere reflection of how you are to me.


Re: Valentines Day Competition!

Name: RoBro Server: Donn

My picture is what I truly care about. The one who has found a special place in my heart, whom I shall forever cherish.
The one who made me be able to smile and yearn their mere presence. The one who I protected, whilst protecting me.
But a wretched untimley demise, envoked despair in my heart. But regardless of how many weeks. No matter how many months.
No matter how many years pass. I will remember you. I decided to use this image as a symbol of love, hope and decidication.
A pathway seperates us, but I know one day we shall be reunited again

Happy Valentines day
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RoBro-Lvl 222 Fire Mage
RoBow- Ranger (In progress)

Proud Player of Concordiia (Donn)

Re: Valentines Day Competition!

I want to wish everyone happy valentines! For love there are not boundaries.
We are dancing the night away!

Lovebirds: Madara uchiha & KlTTY
Server: Mabon
The Beauty and the Bolg
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Name: Madara uchiha
Power Lvl: 222
Fishing Lvl: 179
Cooking Lvl: 23

Name: ltachi Uchiha
Power Lvl: 121

Name: Julius Caesar
Power Lvl: 145

Re: Valentines Day Competition!

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Layla wrote:Happy Valentine's Day Sis Hot chick !!

Helping my clansister out with her submission, she can't get her pic to attach.
IGN Temptress Layla and yourhotchick
Server : Lir
Luna OFallon
Druid - 215
Fae OFallon
Rogue - 162

Re: Valentines Day Competition!

Praying for Love
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Wold: Arawn
Characters names:
Neel69 and Stormy Night
Dual spec
Increase buff timers and change to group buffs
/anon /afk commands
Revamp the skill system
Group leader / group commands
Add more premium items

Re: Valentines Day Competition!

World: Danu
Character Names: LadyNymeria and XPrimeX
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Level 230+ Rogue
General of Ascension
LadysHeart Level 220+ Druid
Level 220+ Ice Mage Valyria
Heartsbane 220+ Warrior
Level 220+ Ranger Sweet Tansy
Dreamfyre Level 220+ Lure Mage
190 Locker Rogue Catspaw


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