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Re: What time period is this game in?

Zkills wrote:
Bladez wrote:
Chaotic wrote:60-100 AD in an alternate timeline where Celtic mythology exists and Boudica won the revolt with the help of the gods and the Romans were pushed out of Britain. (Yet for some reason none of this was recorded)

This is where it starts in Lirs Reach and Shalemont Ravine, but as you get closer to Crom the fabric of time/space is increasingly twisted and torn so you see creatures from other dimensions or robots from the future (why are they still using clubs and not phasers?). Corrupted Gardens will be even closer to Crom, so who knows what will be in there?

Right. You get a first glimpse of Croms might in the lirs quest line which is where you free the area of a curse that was placed on the area. You then travel to shalemont which is where the Connacht invaders are battling the MacCroin clan, who is allied with the MacLir clan. After that you travel to stonevale, which is in chaos due to Croms influence. All the creatures turned very hostile. That is where you gather the disks (6 seals that hold Crom) to get the warden armor. Then you go to the otherworld, which is a land of complete chaos and war as it is the place or realm where Crom is being held. There you help destroy all efforts that the blackstones have made trying to free Crom. Next up is the Corrupted Gardens, which is in literally the same palace Crom is in... after many many years we can finally enter lol.

Shalemont, fingals, carrowmore, and the tower are not effected by Crom. Just realized how amazing the lore is behind this game... A+ quality

Where was the spoiler warning xD
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