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Re: I had a account banned

Answer: Behave better when you do get your account unbanned :)

- It's never to late to undo wrong decisions. The players should be compensated for losing premium paid items due to in game bugs.
- I pledge to never buy any platinum for as long as the Hoax continues

Re: I had a account banned

Drag0nB0lt wrote:The account was currently suppose to be unbanned today and when I try to log on it still says the message account disabled until 2/7/2018 and then the time or whatever. What do I do?

Please contact our Appeals Team at Appeals@onethumbmobile.com with the details and we can assist.

The ban may need to be manually removed or has yet to update on the server.
Muldar /
Ranger - 172 - Balor - Android

Re: I had a account banned

Drag0nB0lt wrote:Thank you so much muldar! I really appreciate this buddy. Also did you receive my email?

Your accounts should now be re enabled.

We are double checking the timed bans to ensure there are no errors.

Muldar /
Ranger - 172 - Balor - Android

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