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Re: Easy Gold Farm

BTD wrote:Cutch only shummer spots. 2 hours=100k

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Ho4ofEr3w ... e=youtu.be

Why would you make a post about this. . .

When I say that I mean you basically are ruining your "method" of gold farming. It is extremely small and when you have more than two people fishing there it becomes a waste of time. Not many people know about it so why would you want more people to know it? This post will also bring attention to OTM who will without doubt patch it as you can make millions from it, even at a low level. If you haven't noticed, OTM is pretty stingy when it comes to making gold in this game. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the work and effort OTM has put into this game, but when it comes down to steady farming methods. . . let's just say it isn't like OSRS.
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Re: Easy Gold Farm

SeedIsTrash wrote:Not many people know about it.

Many people know about it, it isn't a top secret lol, and I'm pretty sure OTM is already aware of the shimmering rate on shalemont, because again, it isn't like a secret, the reason behind why they haven't nerfed it is beyond me, gold mobs are way better, but this method does help new players so I hope it stays this way c:

Re: Easy Gold Farm

Had better ways of farming in the past, boss runs and even smaller mini bosses give a total better than this, it’s just another means of making gold, doesn’t need a patch
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Re: Easy Gold Farm

Buy tons of items cheap
Teach everyone how to farm

Seriously, just merch, you can do basically nothing and make money. And if you have people with a lot of disposable gold its even better for you. So kick back while they spend all day farming.
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