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Re: Is dicing random

To make it easier to understand just double what you lose and keep doing that until you win, I went up to 2mil with that and finally won and made 10k profit lol

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Re: Is dicing random

Regenleif wrote:If you want to screw with dicers, use this algorithm:

Dice your base amount (1k)
If you win, reset algorithm
If you lose, recursively dice total lost amount + 1k

I guarantee you will profit, even with the 60/40 odds.

No, the "Host Killer" trick is a bad idea.

You win more, but you win less
But when you lose... you lose huge

It's still the same average gold loss per dice, and most half-decent dicers will know what you are trying.

Onto the OP, to make it simple, its random.
To explain further, the game was programmed to have a RNG function, but in order to program something it cannot be a true random, but like other people have said that doesnt really matter.

So please everyone, understand there are no tricks to dice a high number, its all luck(I had to explain this a ton of times to people on lugh when we used to dice drops).
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Re: Is dicing random

xSum wrote:
Blessings wrote:No such thing as random when it comes to any game. Its all a pattern

No lol, it's random


Turns out it's called Pseudorandom, nonetheless not a pattern

There’s a science to it, basically there’s no true randomness. But it’s still pretty random ;)

Re: Is dicing random

zchicken1 wrote:
Armo wrote:Anyone who plays dota, knows exactly what pseudo-random chance is.


League is better ;)

A dota player and a league player walk into a bar. The dota player said that dota was a better MOBA. The league player couldn’t deny.

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