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Re: Corrupted Gardens, leaked?

If flough was able to:

A) create a working private CH server (an entirely different codebase)
B) access the assets for Corrupted Gardens
C) Modify the game files to connect to his private server

I think he’d be smart enough to not include his character name in the screenshots...
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Re: Corrupted Gardens, leaked?

OTM does internal tests with toons pulled from live game...

Could be that depending on the source of these images. ^^

At this point most of us are just speculating.
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I could agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong.

Re: Corrupted Gardens, leaked?

AoifaS wrote:
Aiwa wrote:
Wolfenstien wrote:
Yes, despite him removing a clan I'm not even in anymore after seeing this post lol, he is quite a genius. Being able to dig such files, replicate it onto his own server, completely rebuild the game under his own apk to play the new update. Is quite genius. Got to give him credit where it's due. While many will feel it's unfair, which it is. I think we should applaud his effort really. It's not the only thing he has been able to do it seems.

how did u know he replicate it?the patch has not even been released in beta app.....reverse engineering is possible and buying a small server but the question is there is no such patch that has been released in ios or android.....looks like i need to check beta app

Go to OW and click on corrupted gardens. There's a blank map there. That doesn't mean there isn't mobs in it.

Vikings can teleport. Doing it between maps doesn't seem a stretch. Play Donn US evening. Log diff toons at diff bosses who are due same time. Like 210. Ever seen someone go from summoning chamber leystone to 210 in the time it takes you to switch between toons on the same account (5 seconds)? I do.

if thats the case then its possible and he dont even need to have his own server to do it....he can just exploit glitch to go there although garden is on development but its basic figures and system can be used...as garden was in development while winter update came otm may have included this basic map and locked it to easy their patch update for garden....anyway if thats the case and otm has no hand behind it then hacking,tweaks,piracy,bugs and glitch use etc is illegal and the ppl who are in screenshot are proof that they misused their term and condition of cyber law ...what does otm have to say about this or is fine to otm?

Re: Corrupted Gardens, leaked?

LadyNymeria wrote:..so that means select a group of people already have an advantage of knowing mob strategies and what’s the best dmg type for mobs ..wow...

Although anyone who play the beta would have the same advantage to be honest, this is still very unusual that OTM are using players to game test in house?
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Re: Corrupted Gardens, leaked?

Aerdou aka Klip wrote:inb4 post deleted or early closed beta

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Re: Corrupted Gardens, leaked?

Wolfenstien wrote:
etha wrote:
Wolfenstien wrote:Ran into these photos. Find it interesting that flough is on them. Lol

Awww cute! A flough hater! Some people hahahaha
Well bal thanks for leaking new area....... not. I'd laugh if you got banned for that!

Now now, who said I'm hating? Just find it interesting that someone who's ending his ch career is the one, well here. Don't get me wrong, the dude is clearly a genius and knows what he's doing. Still find it interesting.

You call him a genius for illegally accessing to content not release? That guy is a criminal

Re: Corrupted Gardens, leaked?

Alyssandra wrote:OTM does internal tests with toons pulled from live game...

Could be that depending on the source of these images. ^^

At this point most of us are just speculating.

dont think so..why would otm pull a live toon to test?they can make any type of toon they want...otm will never ask for ur password nor will they replicate ur toon for their purpose is what i believe or else their would be not much meaning to do beta test by us player...also u think otm will release this images to any of us beside otm staff?where did he find this picture is a good question?

Re: Corrupted Gardens, leaked?

Don't think he is a criminal at all I think it's genius how he figured out how to do it, yes it may be wrong in doing so but the guy did you all a favour by giving you what otm couldn't or didn't want to get so appreciate his work to some extent. I think the update looks great and can't wait to try the beta for it
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