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Will OTM ever do something about all these 4s?

I've read numerous posts about complaining about 4s, but I have only played the game for half a year. I really like a lot of the aspects of the game but this part is killing me, I may even put the game down. I would like to know has it always been this way, has otm tried to change it before and it didnt work? One saturday I said, "I'm going to go to all the Snorris today from wake to sleep," and it was literally was 9 4's in a row. Then I said maybe its just snorri, did it to 170, 7 in a row. Havn't done that in weeks, make most of the spawns, but dont set out to make every one (wanted to see if i was unlucky and just missing the 6's). Well today I decided to do it again with snorri, 5 in a row. I'm not even saying increase the amount of drops coming into the game, just quit wasting my time. Make the spawns further apart but more likely of a 5 pr 6 to come up, or make the 4's more of a chance to drop something 1/10 doesn't seem worth my time. Do you know how uneventful it is when you have 20 guys there in 3 different clans to watch a 4 pop up all day? Do you know how much more exciting it is when you have 20 people there and a 6 pops?

Re: Will OTM ever do something about all these 4s?

I quite like 4 stars because I can solo them which is nice when i'm feeling antisocial, if I knew I would always have to call for help and then wait around for people to turn up that would probably put me off. I do agree that slightly better drop rates would be good though to make it more worthwhile or to at least give people who are not in a big clan a chance to get some gear.
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