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Re: Server Downtime - 15 Minutes - Bug Fixes

Muldar wrote:We will be extending the downtime for potentially 1 hour as we wrap up some additional issues.

Thank you for your patience.

Is that 1 hour extra from the time of this post please?
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Re: Server Downtime - 15 Minutes - Bug Fixes

Take the time updates with a grain of salt, Muldar is giving them to us so people aren't constantly trying to log in for hours. Knowing it is at least and hour or two lets you focus on something else and periodically check back knowing you didn't miss the reset.
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Re: Server Downtime - 15 Minutes - Bug Fixes

Xanadu wrote:
alisa.maclucas wrote:Watch this be some awesome surprise update.

If the login server consistently works, that's an awesome enough surprise for me.

I play on 6 different devices, spanning a variety of old and new. I don’t have any issue on any of them.
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