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Bring back the content

I know many people including me, miss the event mounts. The ones that dropped from chests and were actually TRADABLE. When Otm came up with new content, like new event mounts. Also, bring back the luxury mount shops! Those were the best, opening chests used to be fun. Ik some people enjoy the mount tokens and aoen stuff, but I don’t. Come up with some new mounts and I guarantee players will come back. Also new fashion that isn’t just tokens? Tokens are plain and boring. I miss the old days. What do you guys think? ;)
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Re: Bring back the content

Eh, I like that the developers are focusing on game play content expansion instead of reskinning mounts.
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Re: Bring back the content

Opening up Aeon mounts is just as exciting as opening mounts back in the events. Pulled 2 aeon mounts out of 90 aeon chests and I was just as excited as I was when I pulled 3 mounts out of 200 chests a few years back.

I prefer otm sticks with the new content
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Re: Bring back the content

Rogue4Life wrote:I think otms current content release strategy is good, I just want more event bosses with unique drops and it would be perfect.


Would be nice to have more variety with how you kill bosses though. So many are just stand and shoot. A bit more strategy required would be fun!
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Re: Bring back the content

When they were more focused on bringing out seasonal events people complained about the lack of permanent content, just let them do their thing

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Re: Bring back the content

Arrowheads wrote:Come up with some new mounts and I guarantee players will come back.

I guarantee you that players will not come back because of mounts... People are quitting because there is nothing interesting to do in the EG. We need more EG bosses, skills like crafting, and no windows. Players will come back when there is more stuff to do that does not require spending money and hundreds of hours of time.
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