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Please hold Morrigan reset (@Muldar)

We're working on Gele currently, can you hold he Morrigan reset for a little bit please? Thank you in advance!
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Re: Please hold Morrigan reset (@Muldar)

Seriously... not our faults you guys waited till the last moment to down a boss even tho u were told an hour in advance of the reset
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Re: Please hold Morrigan reset (@Muldar)

Agent K wrote:For a boss that spawns on certain time unlike legacies, I'm so against making other servers wait, if it was a legacy that suddenly popped I don't find a problem, hurry on the restart we have people awake on midnights waiting for this

Dude, this isn't the first time people request to hold the reset for a bit. I didn't see you whining on those posts. Chillax.
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