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Re: Bank stealing

Bigdiesel wrote:
Everything wrote:So since the original topic was locked you created a new topic which will also be locked and will earn you a first warning, brilliant.

Let this go. Just like Mind said, Muldar has stated what is going to happen and the best we can do is learn from this.

I hope this issue pushes the team to create a dedicated Clan Bank, and maybe even fit it into the upcoming Gardens update.

For Resurgence, if you haven't already then I'd say redistribute your other clan banks, just in case this encourages others to follow.. Just be glad that Event banks were all that was lost and not Gear Banks. Hope you guys get this all sorted soon.

Also, your lack of punctuation gave me cancer, I recommend schooling before playing Celtic.

Ranger123 started this thread and if u read the op it wasn't started by people in res trying to recover the banks.. imo he is simply being a troll trying to stir $hit wel he succeed hope otm bans him from forums..

Exactly, he couldn't just let it rest, he had to make a brand new topic (which is getting locked on Monday) just to be an annoying little prick.
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Re: Bank stealing

Bigdiesel wrote:
Gabee wrote:Clan banks was used since clan was created way back 2011, banks help progress a clan, and I'm 100% sure, no clan can dominate without a clan bank. Different clan, different rules on how and what to put in these banks. This is not the issue.

The issue is bank stealing. Who owns the bank accounts according to OTM rules? What's the reason why otm help got it back, and took them again after a month? What are the otm rules about clan banks that we can use at the moment? Is it right to say that I stole the account that I created and registered under my name?

"Stealing clan banks" isn't new in arawn. This is the second major clan bank stealing by the top clans in Arawn. And both somehow are connected. 2013 was the first one. And I'm very much convinced that was not stealing, in fact, the accused made his clan and I joined it.i know it's a thing of the past, but we must learn from it. If I tell myself that 2013 wasn't stealing, then how can I say that 2017 is different.

Actually gabee being that u have played arawn so long I'm surprised I have to give u a history lesson here.. yes in 2013 the bank from badabing was moved to resurgence by the chieftain at the time phurious.. in doing so he was simply creating a new clan where 98% of badabing followed anyways along with the players that merged from uskosi.. u should know this u were a founding general for resurgence at the time.. the bank went with the players that built it id hardly call that stealing..

Now there has actually been 3 bank issues in the past on arawn.. no one ever talks about this one though... braves bank in 2014 when they were a separate own clan at the time had a certain well known female multiboxing rogue on arawn as a general who unilaterally stole the clan bank from braves with no one following suit based on her own selfish and personal gains.. I'd liken this situation more to what has occurred now with these 4 event banks out of the 8 we have for our serperate legacy/event items... it's simple selfishness, spitefulness and outright theft from 100's of players in our clan that have been farming these drops for a long time..

Lets leave arawn history for a while , Its already posted in Bitey s webpage... my concern is the Grey area, or the difference between moving OF 2013 badabing bank and the stealing OF 2017 Resurgence banks. Im just curious ON what made OTM Help us in the first place and later too, it back. And lots OF clans would also want to know If otm Will help If this Will happen again.
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Re: Bank stealing

Well let’s not give in to the troll it’s clear what he wants, he wants resurgeance members who have swarmed to the forums to get angry and rub salt on their wounds, hope you get clan bank back with all the items in it.

bob Slavery is somewhat a sensitive topic for some so some may take offence to it


Re: Bank stealing

Everything wrote:(which is getting locked on Monday)

No, it’s getting locked now.

Muldar has been very clear in the previous thread.

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