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Re: Hopes for Corrupted Gardens?

I'm hoping for a new armour quest that is in between edl and doch gul. I love the stat point adds from Doch Gul but I'm not willing to give up skill points, armor, or resistance adds from EDL(Also want the dmg on the armour to be poison dmg). Also hoping there will be daggers that are in between Void Necro/EDL and Void Gelebron daggers. I love the adds from Void Gelebron daggers but I hate the speed. I would prefer a faster attack speed(At least 2100), poison dmg, and a proc skill instead of a manual casting skilling that takes up some of your melee attacks. And finally, who would complain about adding drops that have even more skill points and a variety of different stat adds. ;)
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Re: Hopes for Corrupted Gardens?

As you already said, a wider variety of endgame weapons for players to choose from that are actually going to be used. Better helms and dps rings so we can move on from Mord, Necro, and Hrung as well as Aggy for pure rings.
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Re: Hopes for Corrupted Gardens?

I hope for mobs that drop rare items like mounts, weapons, armor, jewelry and consumables. I watched some WoW videos and I find it very cool that there are mobs that can drop rare and useful items. It’s something that this game lacks heavily on and something we haven’t really seen since Catacombs (which was done very well)
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Re: Hopes for Corrupted Gardens?

I think it’d be awesome if they added weapons or gear that didn’t have amazing baseline stats, but gave passive buffs that balanced them out. (Examples of this could be like regen or attack speed reductions) But they might be a little more exciting then normal, like a boss drops a shield that decreases armor but increases health by percentages or something.

Dark: 30% armor reduction, 10% health increase.
Shadow: 40% armor reduction, 20% health increase.
Void: 50% armor reduction, 30% health increase.

Re: Hopes for Corrupted Gardens?

Dual spec plz...plz plz. In depth aa tree would also be awesome. Bulk cooking. Maybe a fish fight or two ...would be funny as all get out to reel in a fish ...just to have to fight it to get it in the bag.

My wish list,

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Dual spec
Increase buff timers and change to group buffs
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Revamp the skill system
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Add more premium items

Re: Hopes for Corrupted Gardens?

Personally would love to see loot that corresponds to player level. Like the loot for the new 220 boss if there is going to be one should be good enough so that players don’t have to keep farming lower level bosses tbh.
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Re: Hopes for Corrupted Gardens?

Im hoping for more weapon variety, for example when I was still lixing my rogue, I loved using a spear, so another tier/set of endgame spears would be super cool !!!!
Also hoping for another cool looking armor set, such as in carrow (Bone armor) and tower (Occult... not sure if spelt right hehe). I have many hopes, but too many to list :)
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Re: Hopes for Corrupted Gardens?

There better not be any non220+ bosses .-. Otherwise OTM will prove yet again they are missing the big picture. EG players want to move on from older bosses, and as long as level lock is a part of that picture, it won’t be happening...
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